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    Berg Seven Early Songs
Chamber Concerto

    Conductor Henk Guittart is not only an experienced interpreter of the music of the Second Viennese School, but he also led the orchestra, creating a very musical and transparant interpretation(...)
The entire concert reached a very high level in the secure hands of Henk Guittart.
Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 24 November 1997
  Beethoven Violin Concerto
Haydn Symphony Nr. 70
Schoenberg Chamber Symphony Nr. 2

The interpretation of the excellent conductor Henk Guittart was very beautiful. His gestures are exact and lucid.
Friesch Dagblad, 16 May 2001

For the perceptive listener it remains amazing to witness how huge the impact of a conductor on an orchestra is. Under the direction of conductor Henk Guittart, the North Netherlands Orchestra was inspired with new elan (...) in every gesture that Henk Guittart made, it was clear that he loves every note in the score, and that he has distinct ideas about phrasing, dynamics and movement.
Haydn sparkled from the first note to the last.
Zwolse Courant, 18 May 2001

Guittart led the Schoenberg in a beautiful organic performance, full of exciting hesitations and much virtuosity.
Telegraaf, 18 May 2001

  Dove Siren Song cd
  The cast is excellent, as is the playing of the purpose-built Siren Ensemble under Guittart.
The Sunday Times, 2008

The drama is paced with exceptional skill by conductor Henk Guittart.
Fanfare Magazine, 2008

This recording...is expertly paced, and Dove's Adams-inspired sound-world is evocatively conjured up...
Telegraph, 2008

Henk Guittart leads the 10-member Siren Ensemble in a performance notable for its clarity and expressiveness.
allmusic.com, 2008

Henk Guittart conducting the Siren Ensemble (...) relishes the simple subtleties of Dove's score
BBC Music Direct, 2008

The new release of Siren Song, recorded live at last year's Grachtenfestival with the Siren Ensemble directed by Henk Guittart accompanying the small but generally excellent cast (...) manages to communicate this shift in tone with a graceful and impressive fluidity. (...)
This release presents an involving and affecting contemporary opera, performed with great integrity and skill.
MusicalCriticism.com, 2008
  Kurt Weill cd
  Conductor Henk Guittart knows the world of Weill c.s. excellently and he marvellously captures the combination of biting irony and lighthearted elegance.
Luister, 2000
  Mozart Overture Die Zauberflöte
  Played brilliantly, lightly and precisely under conductor Henk Guittart
Arbeterbladet, Gaevle, Sweden 2002
  Schoenberg Verklärte Nacht
  Henk Guittart inspired a touching performance, with our respect for his conducting by memory
Gaevle Dagblad, 2002
  Schoenberg Pierrot lunaire
Weill Kleine Dreigroschenmusik
Arnhem Philharmonic
  An excellent concert, very alertly led by Henk Guittart, who obviously felt like a fish in water
De Gelderlander, 8 August 2002
  Otto Ketting Chamber Concerto
  Conductor Henk Guittart knows how to masterfully build suspense and unleash the orchestra to create a captivating interpretation.
Limburgs Dagblad, 25 March 2010
  Schoenberg Pelleas und Melisande
  With his clear gestures conductor Henk Guittart lead the musical way through the complicated score, whereby the Viennese expressiveness was brought to its entirety in late-romantic fullness.
Limburgs Dagblad, 1 February 2006
  Schoenberg Chamber Symphony no.1
  Schoenberg specialist Henk Guittart conducted from memory bringing the dramatic impact of this composition to the maximum, in a beautiful glowing performance.
Algemeen Dagblad, 15 November 1999
  Kurt Weill The Seven Deadly Sins
with Jasperina de Jong
  ...in Weill's American music it seemed that Henk Guittart, accustomed to playing sober viola in an equally sober Schoenberg Quartet, suddenly emerged as a seasoned musical conductor.
Haagse Courant 9 March 1999

Henk Guittart knows how to effortlessly prevail through his professionalism, musical integrity and ability to convince musicians of his ideas. The communication between the orchestra and soloist is optimal, the pleasure in music making is infectious. Guittart knows how to transform in the second part -the individual songs- the orchestra into an authentically sounding amusement orchestra.
Rotterdams Dagblad 19 March 1999